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About the Project

The Kingston Offshore Windfarm project is a wind farm proposed to be built offshore near Kingston SE, between Cape Jaffa and south of Coorong.

The project is currently being developed to be located in the State Coastal waters, nearest turbines being approximately 6.5–10 km off the coast of Kingston and Cape Jaffa. The State waters development will have a capacity of 400–600 MW which is enough to power over 240,000 South Australian homes with clean energy from the wind.

The project is planned for an expansion into Commonwealth waters, which would require first a declaration by the Federal Energy Minister that offshore electricity development can proceed in the area.


Enough clean energy to power over
hundreds of thousands South Australian homes

The expansion into commonwealth waters could add significantly more capacity to the project, 1+ GW of additional clean energy capacity. The possible additional capacity is being investigated by Skyborn Renewables, and is in early design phase.

The State and Commonwealth areas of the Kingston Offshore Windfarm can be constructed and operated as staged project or as a single project.


Investigating Project Feasibility

The size of the wind turbines is yet to be finalised, with an anticipated capacity of around 17– 18 MW per turbine. We are actively investigating the feasibility of larger WTGs, as fewer will be required which will result in less construction activity and reduced visual impact. The State waters project area could include about 25–35 turbines depending on the turbine size selected and environmental and other considerations. The Commonwealth area could host 100+ turbines, but the exact number for possible extension is still in early investigation.

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