All 24 Nov 2022

Press Release

Rebranding of our Joint Venture Projects in Australia

Following the Joint Venture Agreements between Skyborn Renewables and Australis Energy Ltd in June 2022 for the three projects WA Offshore Windfarm, SA Offshore Windfarm and VIC Offshore Windfarm originally developed in State waters, Skyborn has progressed the development of those projects. The projects now called Myalup Offshore Windfarm (formerly known as WA Offshore Windfarm), Kingston Offshore Windfarm (formerly known as SA Offshore Windfarm) and Cape Winds Offshore Windfarm (formerly known as VIC Offshore Windfarm) have been expanded into Commonwealth waters as both the Myalup Offshore Windfarm and Cape Winds Offshore Windfarm are ideally located in the proposed declared zones in Bunbury, WA and Portland, VIC resepectively as announced by the Hon Chris Bowen MP earlier this year.

We continue to work with State and Federal Government to advocate for a declared zone in Commonwealth waters in South Australia.

The projects have a proposed size of 1.9 GW for Myalup Offshore Windfarm, 2GW for Cape Winds Offshore Windfarm and up to 600MW for Kingston Offshore Windfarm.

For project-specific details please refer to our new project websites, and

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