Fishing and Offshore Wind

Fishing Offshore Windfarm

Skyborn Renewables has a track record of our wind farms sharing the waters with fisheries operators around the world. We recognize that commercial and recreational fisheries are an important part of the economy, history, and lifestyle, of coastal communities.

We are committed to designing the Kingston Offshore Windfarm in a way that:

  • Minimises our impact to the marine environment
  • Minimises disruption to the activities of water users
  • Maximises ongoing access to aquatic resources

Marine Ecology Studies

As part of feasibility investigations for the wind farm, we are conducting rigorous marine environmental studies. These studies will be undertaken by qualified third-party specialists and will include on-water data collection and thorough surveys of the local marine environment. These studies will be made publicly available as part of the Wind Farm’s Environmental Impact Statement.

The study requirements will be made public in the PlanSA website after they have been drafted by the State Government.

We are also investigating ways that to increase habitat enhancements from the artificial reefs that the turbine structures will provide.

Safely Sharing the Waters

The Kingston Offshore Wind Farm is exploring how fishing will best proceed in the wind farm while ensuring maritime safety is maintained and infrastructure is protected.

The turbines are typically spaced at around 1km intervals and are expected to take up less than 1% of the total project area. This provides room for many vessels to navigate through the array including most recreational and commercial fishing vessels.

While regulations on navigation through offshore wind farms do differ between countries, local regulators will ultimately set the rules for safe navigation and decide how the waters will be shared.

The Kingston Offshore Wind Farm is committed to early and ongoing consultation with local fisheries and other water users to ensure that the right measures are put in place to share the waters in a way that is safe for all.

Have Your Say

If you fish in the area, or are a local water user, we want to hear from you to understand your activities in the proposed project area.

All views are important to us. Share your local knowledge, suggestions, or concerns with us via the link below.

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