Community Reference Group

Help Shape the Project

Kingston Offshore Wind Farm has not yet established a Community Reference Group (CRG). The role of a CRG is to provide a regular forum for community input to the project and to facilitate communication between members of the local community and the project team. In general, CRGs can improve project and community outcomes and enable better engagement of local communities, and hence it is expected that one will be established for Kingston Offshore Wind Farm.

Designed for Ongoing Cooperation

Kingston Offshore Wind Farm is currently looking into possible governance frameworks and Terms of Reference to establish a CRG for the project. When these become available, which is envisaged to be in 2023, we will notify the community. We encourage your consideration of participation in the CRG to help us shape the project and engage with local community.

The spirit of the CRG will be to foster a positive relationship and engagement between the project team and the community, whilst creating a vehicle for information sharing, feedback discussion and Q&A.


Register Your Interest

To register your interest in participating in the CRG, please let us know through the Contact link below, and we can notify you as this framework and process for CRG membership application develops further.

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